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As a true luxury enthusiast, you understand the significance of finding and acquiring unique, rare, and exquisite pieces that elevate your lifestyle. That’s where our concierge service for luxury items comes in, providing you with unparalleled access to the world’s most coveted handbags, watches, and other items.

Source rare and collectible watches
Personal Shopping
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We specialise in obtaining exclusive access, premium seating, and tailor-made experiences for prestigious events. We act as your personal assistant, handling all the details, from securing tickets to arranging transportation, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience.

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Family Office

Our family office service network is a trusted and comprehensive network of individuals and institutions that provide estate planning, financial planning, and investment management services to high-net-worth families.

Family Office
Managing wealth and family legacy


Unlock a Reality Beyond Your Imagination

At The 0.1% Group we believe luxury is not just an indulgence but an art form. Our clients gain a golden ticket to live a luxurious lifestyle by working with us. From private jets that redefined luxury aviation to secluded villas across the globe we provide bespoke excellence in experiences.

Why become a client?

As a member, you leap to the front of the queue. Priority reservations, exclusive events, and personalized attention—your satisfaction is paramount. We curate moments that linger in your memory, leaving you craving more.

Investing in your lifestyle desires

Our annual membership is not a straightforward cost but an investment. The fee ensures uninterrupted access to bespoke services that are world class. Imagine having your own international concierge, personal shopper, travel curator and family office advisor all at your fingertips. The best part is the membership investment is spent purely on your requests as a client.

Bespoke just for you

Our business services are based on you. Whether it’s selecting the perfect villa, organising that last minute jet charter or arranging that special gift we serve you. Your wishes are our command and our expert team orchestrates every detail to ensure the best experience. Welcome to a world where luxury knows no bounds.

We are a Boutique not a Corporate

Our business operates in a holistic manner for our clients. We learn about our clients to ensure our services exceed expectations and we continuously add value using our expert knowledge so our clients can live life on their terms. By being a one-stop shop we deliver multiple services seamlessly saving our clients time and effort.  

How does the Membership investment work?

Our clients invest $250,000 (or equivalent in local currency) as an annual payment. This payment becomes the client’s funds to use for our services. This is annual payment so our customers have money on account for the year or to start their requests.

Why do we charge this amount?

The clientele we serve request private jet charters, luxury holidays, watches and many other services which can often total more than $250,000 spent across the year. One major benefit of this investment is that we do not require the client to pay us for the first initial requests as they have funds on account.We understand our clients are busy people so the last thing anyone wants is to be chased for invoice payments.

Do you accept crypto?

We are a crypto friendly business. Many of our clients pay their membership investment using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Please get in contact if you need more information on which cryptocurrency we can accept. 

Apply for Membership Today

Ready to embark on this extraordinary journey? Fill out our application form. It’s your first step toward exclusivity. Our community is carefully curated, ensuring that every member aligns with our ethos. Your dreams await.


The membership fee directly funds our clients’ requests, including luxury travel, private jets, personal shopping, and family office services. It provides seamless access to our world-class resources.
Members gain access to our elite network, personalized assistance, and top-tier experiences. We prioritize their satisfaction and deliverables at the highest calibre.
Yes, the annual fee remains consistent at $250,000 for both individual and family clients. It ensures equal access to our premium services.
Absolutely! We embrace modern payment methods and accept bitcoin as an alternative for membership fees. It aligns with our forward-thinking ethos.
The fee encompasses a wide range of services, including luxury travel arrangements, private jet bookings, personalized shopping, and comprehensive family office support.
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