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Gulfstream G650

Gulfstream G650

One of the most in demand ultra long range jets the Gulfstream g650 offers so many unrivalled benefits to business aviation passengers.

Since production began in 2012 the Gulfstream g650 with its high speed, ultra long range and luxurious comfort has set a benchmark for other jet manufacturers to follow.

Luxurious Gulfstream G650 private jet interior with comfortable leather seating.

How many passengers can travel on the Gulfstream g650?

The maximum capacity for this aircraft is actually 19 passengers. However, depending on the routes the G650 comfortably takes 13-16 passenger across the cabin zones. The Gulfstream g650 offers layouts which can easily cater for 7 passengers on night flights.

What is the range of the Gulfstream g650?

As a leader in business aviation the g650 has a range of 12960km. The ultra long range get can easily complete long-haul trips such as London to Las Vegas, Dubai to New York or Hong Kong to London.

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The interior of the Gulfstream g650

With a cabin height of 1.95m or 6ft 5 inch both the Gulfstream g650 and g650er offers comfortable headroom for passengers.The living area is around 42ft in length. Depending on the cabin floor structure or configuration an open plan layout usually has 13-16 seats with divans.

We have included some images of G650 interiors and layouts from some of the fleet we use for client private jet charter requests.

There are a variety of layout configurations available onboard a G650. At the 0.1% Group we listen to our clients to propose the best layout for their travel requirements to maximise the inflight travel experience. The G650 has the technology to reduce fatigue from air travel and one way to ensure that feature is selecting the best configuration.

Luxury Gulfstream G650 interior with set dining table and plush seating.

How many suitcases can the G650 hold?

Based on a standard suitcase size the Gulfstream g650 has an internal baggage compartment that holds up to 18 suitcases. With baggage requirements often being a challenge the g650 has a great capacity.
Luxurious Gulfstream G650 private jet interior with cream leather seating, wood accents, and a spacious design.

Key information about the Gulfstream g650 experience

The interior has the Gulfstream signature large cabin windows. With the infamous oval shape this feature enables plenty of natural light during your flight.

The Gulfstream g650 has seats that easily convert into beds for up to 7 passengers, depending on configuration.
Gulfstream g650 has FAA certification enabling the aircraft to complete steep approaches which offers more airport destinations than other jet models.

The G650 is one the fastest business jet models in the market.

The G650 has one of the widest cabins in the ultra long-range jet class and gives passengers a perfect spacious feeling onboard.

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Charter a Gulfstream G650 or G650er

To reflect the world of luxury and best in class our clients live by, the G650 is the ultimate choice when it comes to selecting a private jet to charter.

This versatile aircraft offers a world class flight experience in a luxury setting. With the range and speed of the aircraft, passengers can easily reach their destinations without a need for a fuel stop. The spacious cabin is more than big enough with layouts comfortably sitting up to 16 passengers. G650’s are equipped with the very best technology to enable a performance to put this aircraft in its own league compared to other options in the market.

Here is an example of London to Dubai on a G650
One way £120,000 or $152400 or return trip around £175000 or $222,000.

Charter rates for the Gulfstream G650 and G650ER vary depending on the length of the journey or route.Please get in contact with our live chat team for an accurate quote.

Luxurious Gulfstream G650 private jet interior with comfortable seating and elegant design.